Beads Natural Hornbeam
Beads Natural Hornbeam
Beads Natural Hornbeam
Beads Natural Hornbeam
Beads Natural Hornbeam

Beads Natural Hornbeam

Handcrafted juzu in hornbeam wood. Rosary for the daily practice of Buddhism of the SGI. Made in Italy.

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Beads produced entirely in Italy, with fine hornbeam woods.

Safe products 

The supplier company is regularly subjected to strict safety checks on all the materials used and on the production cycle, in order to guarantee that every single item does not cause any kind of problem - especially concerning health - to those who will use it.

The use of materials of proven quality avoids the onset of allergies, which can be caused by dyes and polishes that do not comply with current laws.

La distanza tra i due grani più grandi della corona è di 33 cm circa.
Raw material:
legno di carpino



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